The Hoggies

The Original Brussels-based Scottish Ceilidh Band

The Hoggies are a Brussels-based Scottish Ceilidh Band, established in 2011, by a group of enthusiastic musicians with a love of celtic music and an inspiration to make live ceilidh dances in Belgium available for everyone. The group currently includes a mix of different nationalities, with Scots/Irish, Belgian, Austrian and Polish musicians, who bring a diverse mix of musical backgrounds together, with a wide range of electric and acoustic instruments. We also take our dancers through every step of every dance with simple instructions, and will 'call' along with the music to make sure all of our dancers are comfortable and confident!

Robert Burns 1759 - 1796

Robert Burns 1759 - 1796


The official words of the Burns poem
which inspired our band name:

My Hoggie

Robert Burns


What will I do gin my Hoggie die?
My joy, my pride, my Hoggie!
My only beast, I had nae mae,
And vow but I was vogie!
The lee-lang night we watch'd the fauld,
Me and my faithfu' doggie;
We heard nocht but the roaring linn,
Amang the braes sae scroggie.

But the houlet cry'd frau the castle wa',
The blitter frae the boggie;
The tod reply'd upon the hill,
I trembled for my Hoggie.
When day did daw, and cocks did craw,
The morning it was foggie;
An unco tyke, lap o'er the dyke,
And maist has kill'd my Hoggie!